Monday, April 15, 2013

The last few months have been challenging with flagging energies and yet great demands. But the day has finally arrived and yesterday I officially retired--again. 

Where do I begin to catch up on this blog? Perhaps to show you a few drawings I did in the Life Drawing class. It was hard to work this class into my life (and I had to cut nearly half the classes) but I'm so glad that I tried. The efforts show that --though rusty--I can resurrect some of my skills. 

My life drawing teacher was David Everitt, a sculptor, who studied at University of Texas about ten years after I did. On Friday I'm going to an opening of his work at Art Museum of Southeast Texas. He hires excellent models and is very kind and encouraging in his critiques. 

On the next post I'll talk about the watercolor class I'm now taking. 

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  1. Hello fellow artist! Found your blog through networkedblog and i decided to follow it... :) I like the idea of drawing/painting to reflect about life. I too use art as a way to ponder my daily experience and life... It is also my way of coping with stress from work. I hope to see more post from you. And maybe you might want to check my blog too at God bless you!