Sunday, September 30, 2012

In-between moments unsettle us. It's been a weekend in which sunshine and rain have alternated as well as come together at the same time. This acrylic captures that odd sensation when the sun breaks through an overcast sky. Here sunlight dances across the left side  while rain holds down the right.

The artist paints, the viewer makes meaning. Will the viewer live into the tension of the moment that I attempted to capture? Or will they hurry on to conclude that it is about to be a sunny day or a rainy one. One thing or another. And which will it be?


  1. Today I'll try to get back to the task of watercoloring.

  2. I just set up my profile to be a blogger. I couldn't get it to upload my picture but at least I was able to post a comment on your page. Now the fun begins to learn one more thing. Thanks, I think...LOL.

  3. Good for you! Did you start a blog?